About Me

I am an educated and trained:  Medical Nurse, Ha-Tha Yoga Teacher, Partner Yoga Teacher, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner, ThaiMasseuse, Health Coach and have University courses in Development and Social -Psychology, and Metaphysical contra Religion.

I have participated in over 30 different workshops in Psychology, Dance, Yoga, Tantra, Tao, Medical Yoga, Mediation, Personal Development, Femininity, Acro Yoga, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, Reiki Healing, Rebirthing, EFT, Astrology and more…

 The text that follows is my “Anuttara Wellness & Healing”: biography in depth. 


My name is Anna Pihlgren and a astrological  -Virgo with Leo rising and Aquarius moon.

I grew up in the forest on the west coast of Sweden.

All my life I has been interested in health and well-being, and I always had have and have a strong passion to withdraw into nature.

From a young age did I studied health and fitness, seeking to combine various perspectives and programs with health foods, health supplies, herbs, and detox methods. However, by the end of 1990, I realized that the physical approach to improving well-being was far from enough and I started to research and study Yoga, Tantra, Subtle Energies, Spirituality, Consciousness, and Psychology.

One woman of huge inspiration for developing my life is “Anne-Grete Hav Hermansen” (picture above), AlfaOmega Institute. Her work is famous of transcending your self though: Awareness of our Choices, Love and Acceptance. At the same time I study Anne-Grete Hav Hermansens evening courses, did I study at “Scandinavic Yoga” and “Natha Yoga” in Copenhagen and discovered that Tantric Yoga combined with Anne-Grete’s teachings and Gestalt therapy radically changed my life form being:  “Someone that survives into a human that LIVES”.

In the beginning of the 2000 did I discover “Agama Yoga”, in Thailand, and found great support and transformation in Swami Vivekanada Saraswati teaching. I realized that the teachings of Agama gave me great grace and brought me closer to her motto: “Heaven on Earth Here and Now.”

Feeling the wish to channel this precious knowledge further on to others, did I 2008 joined the 500 -hour Teacher Training Course of Agama Yoga, at Koh Phangan, Thailand.

I have a background as a Medical Nurse, Masseuse, Health Coach, and University studies in Metaphysics and Psychology. And al the time linked and combined the new knowledge with each other. Let the knowledge from different linages support each other and from this a tincture of new knowledge will appear and when I teach Evolution through Yoga, I call it “ANUTTARA YOGA”.


Since 2009 do I study Chi Nei Tsang with “Remco” at Blue Garden and at “Master Mantak Chias” Universal Tao Center, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And 2013 had I fulfilled the necessary requirements to be recognized as a Universal Tao Chi-Nei-Tsang Practitioner. 

 2012 did I study “Principle Partner Yoga Teacher Training” with Elysabeth Williamson (left).

Dancing make me happy and when we dance we move the body, get exercise and at the same time we give us self an inner massage, deep tissues as -the ligaments, muscles, bones, blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerves, organs get toned, massaged and waste products eliminated. Dance is very joyful way to prevent many diseases and stiffness in the body. 

 Except from Free-Dancing have I been study various workshops in Belly and Mystical Dance with Monika Nataraj. This is a great opportunity to dive and explore the facets of being a Woman. As a nurse am I trained in a “feminine” profession (Nurses also called professional Mothers) and I see the urge of balancing the feminine and masculine polarities of this world. If we want to life our life’s in a peaceful way the masculine and feminine needs to seek balance. Being a woman search for balance have I looked into the Feminine by study in different Female Shakti Circles, study about Feminine polarity in my Bachelor studies to become a Medical Nurse. 

Since I study to become a Health Coach and worked as Health Coach in a Health food store in Sweden 1987-1991 have I being giving Holistic Health Advice to people around me.  If you read this text you can see that I have many various educations and 2013 did I study 500 hour: “THERAPEUTIC YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE” with Doctor Mihaiela Pentuic. And this training authorized me to offer yoga classes in topics as:

-Stress reduction.

-To impact depression.

-Tackle lower back pain.

-Improve Digestion.

-Promote rejuvenation, heath & longevity.

-And much more.

When either I teach Therapeutic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Partner Yoga, or give Chi-Nei-Tsang Abdominal massage do I integrate al my knowledge form my various educations combined with life experience and I approach my student in a holistic way of compassion.