Abdominal Brain

& Abdominal Massage:


-How many brains do you have?


  1. Cerebrum = BIG BRAIN, include neo cortex for rational thinking and Limbic system witch interpret stimuli’s and generate feelings. And this part is divided in 2 right and left.
  2. Cerebellum = LITTLE BRAIN, coordinate or movements.
  3. Medulla Oblongata = The “Reptilian brain”, automatic functions.
  4. ABDOMINAL BRAIN: Our GUT is an independent neurological organ, enteric nervous system. There are more neurons in the abdomen than in the brain!!! The abdominal brain act like a brain independent of Central Nervous System. -Our gut has a mindset of it’s own contaning emotions, feelings, instincts, warnings and divin guidence. Long time after we stopped thinking of something, it’s still in our GUT.

The abdominal brain is connected and commcincate with the bacterial culture in the Colon.

Abdominal brain and communicate with Cerebrum via Nervous Vagus.

Abdominal brain can send and receive impulse. Like a brain record the experience and respond emotional.

The abdominal brain produces more Serotonin than Cerebrum.

-Psychiatrist James Greenblatt, from Boston USA, found in his studies that more than half of psychiatric complains is associated with problems in the gut. ->Specially moods and controlling of behavior (OCD obsessive-compulsive behaviors + ADHD + Depression + Autism). Greenblatt have had good results treating his patients with high doses of Pro-active bacteria.

Also IBS “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” is consider as a psychic diseases in the abdominal brain.

Migraine, Epilepsy, may have its cause in the Abdominal Brain & there are states that are called “Abdominal Migraine”, and “Abdominal Epilepsy”.


The ABDOMEN –the CORE of our being, the middle, where everything connects.

  • At our physical body; Huge blood vessels, nerves, connecting tissues, Psoas muscle, Neurons, Intestine, Colon, Lymph system, Immune system, ducts, most of our mayor organs as Liver, Kidneys, sexual organs and more…. Is running through here.

The ABDOMINAL BRAIN have been known for thousands of years in Yoga and Tao as:

LOWER TAN THIEN point, known in yoga as KANDA: About 2 inches, or 5 centimeter, or 4 fingers breadth under our navel, at the same level as the Sacrum, at the SUBTIL BODY, through this point 72000 nadies run through (egg shape under the navel).

If we dissect a corpse, TAN TIEN is not be fund, it’s in the subtitle bodies.

(Nadies are as wireless mediums, subtitle energy tubes, not physical. These subtle energy tubes give the very breath of life to our bodies. With out them our heart would not beat and lungs would not move.)


There are many similarities between the Taoists system and the Tantric system.

  • As Chi and Prana are the same.
  • Are Tan Thien and Kanda are the same. Tan Tien is called Kanda Mula in Sanskrit.
  • Tao “Chong Mai” corresponds to Sushumna Nadi.


We can read the flowing in “Hatha Yoga Pradipika”:

The Kundalini is sleeping, closing the door of the Sushumna. She sleeps above the Kanda or where the Nadies unite. She gives liberation to the Yogi and bondage to fools. He who knows her knows Yoga.”


In Yoga we call the area around the navel MANIPURA.

The area under the navel is sometimes refers to as HARA, in Tao this is the LOWER TAN THIEN.

The area over the navel is SOLAR PLEXUS.


  • Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage) was developed long ago by Chinese Taoist monks in monasteries working to detoxify, strengthen and refine the body in order to hold and carry the energy to perform the highest levels of spiritual practices and have the greatest health and well-being.
  • In Chi-Nei-Tsang, the energy from LOWER TAN THIEN center is used to help the body function normally.
  • For both Taoist and Yogis we also know this center as chief laboratory, fire and center for inner alchemy, transformation.


Tan Tien is both generator and storage place for Chi/Prana/energy [Chi-Nei-Tsang 1 Matak Chia]. Also called the “Medicine Field”. It has the curative power of the original Chi/ Prana/ Prenatal Energy gathered here.


After the conception the embryo starts to divide and the umbilical cord develops.

The fetus is nourished by navel energy; also waste energy is eliminating through the navel area.

Subtle level: Abdominal massage is a method to eliminate waste products, toxins to leave the body.

Physical level: The huge lymphatic system around the intestine removed waste and toxic products.

  • When the lymphatic system is energized, there is free flow of prana in the abdomen it stimulates the formation of white blood cells and T-cells that form the basis of the immune system.
  • (Lymphatic System: The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a clear, colorless fluid containing white blood cells that helps rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. Lymphatic comes from the Latin word lymphaticus, meaning “connected to water,” as lymph is clear. The lymphatic system, which is a subset of the circulatory system, has a number of functions, including the removal of interstitial fluid, the extracellular fluid that bathes most tissue. It also acts as a highway, transporting white blood cells to and from the lymph nodes into the bones, and antigen-presenting cells to the lymph nodes.)



TAO = The navel Center is where you can unify your body, mind and spirit. This is the body’s forceful Chi Energy Center.


The importance of the navel area cannot be overemphasized. This area needs to be clear of congestion and tension so that energy easy can flow in and out.


If there is problem with the energy in the Center, such as emotional blockages, tensions, tightness or stagnations;

The formation of -Knots, -tangles, -lumps, -masses, -fibroids, -fat, -swellings, and tumors –can form-, and hindering the free and forceful flow of energy.  (from the body’s generator MANIPURA CHAKRA.)

Except form hindering energy/prana to move freely, there may not be sufficient energy to feed the organs and their energy systems fully.


Also stress is damaging the abdominal area.

Stress is a survival instinct.

Our body reacts to stress the same way it did 10.000 years ago. Our genetically design has not changed but our environment and life conditions has.


When we feel threaten our system and body prepare to FIGHT or FLIGHT.

Run away from the “tiger” or fight the “tiger” to get its skin.

Now day’s we don’t fight with tigers, our stressors (our tigers) approach us in modern way as; ABSTRACT SYSTEMS, -internet bank, -VISA cards -the interest on the apartment must be paid to the bank in time. From the TV bombarded us of crisis situations around the world very large stack of documents to be arranged at our work place before a certain date. This is the modern tigers that create stress in us and makes us create stress response of FIGHT or FLIGHT.


When you killed the tiger and took it’s skin, there should be time for a long rest to recover from the FIGHT or FLIGHT response and put the body and nervous system back in balance again.

The modern tigers is not so easy to kill or run away from, sometimes they are hunting us day, after day, week after week, moth after moth and even year after year… and this can create a chronic state of stress and a kind of suppressed FIGHT or FLIGHT –response.


What happened in the body when we are in FIGHT or FLIGHT –response, STRESS?

Our Autonomic nervous system prepare us for FIGHT & FLIGHT via -Adrenalin, -Noradrenalin, -Dopamine -and Cortisol make the energy and power of our capacity to FIGHT and FLIGHT as:

-sharped our sight

-tense and pump up our muscles

-makes us think quickly

-makes us feel that stress is funny

-lowering our pain threshold.

What also happened is that the FIGHT and FLIGHT response is downgrading the prana, blood, bowel movements and activity to the DIGESTIVE system, our survival instinct dosen’t care to digest food when we are hunted by an TIGER!!!

The bad thing is that our autonomic nervous system can’t distinguish a tiger from a large stack of documents with a dead line, fear of loosing the job and interest on the apartment that has to be paid to the bank. If this is a chronic state, indeed our GUT and digestion will suffer. I believe that this is the reason why many people suffer from IBS now days.


In Tao they say that if we don’t have our center in the ABDOMEN and get very angry… al the energy, heat goes up to the upper part of the body, the brain, and they say, “WE LOSE OUR MIND”…


When we are “BURNED OUT” we are technically BURND OUT, to much heat in the CEREBRUM, the skull, the brain. Too much KORTISOL burn the serotonin and substances that make the synapsis communication between the brain cells.

Tao say that when we are emotional, stresses, anxious or angry, energy goes up and “we loose our center”


Tao say’s: “Lower your brain down to the heart brain, lower your brain down to the Tan Thien brain.”


-How fast can you get back to your own center again?

When we learn to focus at Tan Thien/ Kanda/ Manipura, we get a structure rather then get to high. When we have to high center the energy get stuck in the heart or head!!!!

When we low our abdominal breathing, we low everything down to the center, become more centered.


Through the yogic abdominal self massage “Sahaja Agnisara Dhauti”, do we bring our mind to the abdominal area “Where the mind goes chi follow”.


The bodies have a tremendous self-healing power, what we have to do is project our mind there, project prana.


The ide of doing Tadasana first and accumulate Prana in our hands and then do Sahaja Agnisara Dhaurti is GENIUOS.

Also the Ashvini Mudra is GENIUOS, we need a strong pelvic floor to keep the organs at place. I have seen many things hanging out from the pelvic area at my job as nurse, colon, for woman uturus, for men hernia.


Just place the hands on the abdominal area after doing Tadasana is very beneficial, or let a cat sleep at your belly 😉


By Abdominal massage can we keep area free from blockages, knots, tangles – the energy can easy flow free an powerfully assuring good health, rejuvenation and long avidity.



Having cleared the waste products, toxins and emotional tensions that stagnate and congest Chi/prana/energy in the Navel Center. After having cleared the area with:

Sahaja Agnisara Dhaurti,

Agnisara Dhaurti,

Nauli Kriya,

Chi Nei Tsang

After clearing the are we can then infuse energy through Chi Qong, Tai Chi, Chi Nei Tsang, mediations, Vital Force Pranayama, or just put your hand on top and visualize.


  • Abdominal massage burns stress, traumas, memories.
  • Make us more present here and now.


When I do Chi-Nei-Tsang I even do acupressure on the psoas muscle and release sciatic pains.

  • Psoas muscle is considered as the soil of the soul. Lower Tan Thien’s back include the psoas muscle.

Most of the Tan Thien are placed at large and small intestine also -Kidney, liver spleen, liver part of the Tan Thien.


Quotations from Liz Koch:

“The Psoas muscle is far more than a core stabilizing muscle: it is an organ of perception composed of bio-intelligent tissue and “literally embodies our deepest urge for survival, and more profoundly, our elemental desire to flourish”.

(The psoas muscle is connected to the diaphragm through connective tissue or fascia, which affects both our breath and fear reflex. This is because the psoas is directly linked to the reptilian brain, the most ancient interior part of the brain stem and spinal cord. Koch believes that our fast paced modern lifestyle –which runs on the adrenaline of our sympathetic nervous system- chronically triggers and tightens the psoas – making it literally ready to run or fight. The psoas helps you to spring in action – or curl you up into a protective ball.)

“If we constantly contract the psoas to due to stress or tension, the muscle eventually begins to shorten leading to a host of painful conditions including low back pain, sacroiliac pain, sciatica, disc problems, hip degeneration, knee pain, menstruation pain, infertility and digestive problems.”

“The psoas is so intimately involved in such basic physical and emotional reactions, that a chronically tighten psoas continually signals your body that you are in danger, eventually exhausting the adrenal glands and depleting the immune system.”


In Chi-Nei-Tsang do we also massage and stimulate the Diaphragm. In TAO we call diaphragm our “Enlightenment Muscle”. When we have an harmonious rhythmical breathing the diaphragm is soft. When we are under stress we don’t breath harmonious and rhythmically, we tend to hyper ventilate or go up in a thorax breathing. The body incl. the diaphragm remember this. There are a lot of memories in the diaphragm, and to be free and living in the present moment, we need to let go of tensions and memories in the tissue of the diaphragm. To do this we can particle the full yogic breathing, that is breathing abdominal and also thoraxical, combined with diaphragm releasing massage techniques.