The meaning of: Anuttara Wellness & Healing


The mean­ing of Anut­tara is per­fect bal­ance, the incom­pa­ra­bly, com­plete­ly and ful­ly awak­ened mind; it is the attribute of bud­dhas. Anut­tara Samyak Sam­bod­hi is a San­skrit phrase mean­ing “per­fect uni­ver­sal samad­hi.” Accord­ing to the Kwan Um School of Zen, this term refers to “the enlight­en­ment expe­ri­ence in which a per­son becomes a Bud­dha.” Anut­tara is the high­est aim we can focus on when we prac­tice spir­i­tu­al­i­ty.

In Tao and in Tan­ta we want to awak­en and bal­ance our Mas­cu­line (Yang, Shi­va, Plus) Ener­gies and our Fem­i­nine (Yin, Shak­ti, Minus) Ener­gies in order heal, to be whole. When we are whole and there­by bal­anced we are ready to awak­en the strong mid­dle Ener­gy.  If we are bestowed with Grace can we sense Anut­tara from our high­est lev­el of con­scious­ness, at the top of our head –the Crown Chakra. 

Anut­tara can be per­ceived  as the High­est Form of Con­scious­ness.

As we evolve we seek high­er forms of con­scious­ness. These are the goal and mean­ing of Spir­i­tu­al­i­ty, and bestow the seek­er a high degree of “Mean­ing of Life”. 


Becom­ing WHOLE is a con­stant process, we humans (as the entire man­i­fes­ta­tion) are always in a bat­tle with the forces of entropy, to be whole, to heal is a con­stant process of home­osta­sis. Home­osta­sis means bal­ance or keep sta­ble in an ever chang­ing uni­verse where we are con­stant object­ed to entropy, please view the short film, where Pro­fes­sor Bri­an Cox explains beau­ti­ful about entropy, “How a sand­cas­tle reveals the end of al things” at  the link here

Metaphor of this film and heal­ing is: our body is the sand cas­tle and the wind is the con­di­tions of life.

To main­tain home­osta­sis and being robust and deal with entropy, stud­ies have shown that our sense of “Mean­ing of Life” are vital for our sur­viv­ing. If we have mean­ing in our life’s, we auto­mat­i­cal­ly seek “Under­stand­ing” and we seek to “Mange” the con­di­tions and stres­sors of life. To heal, to seek to be whole always starts with find­ing “Mean­ing of Life.” When our life has mean­ing do we urge to take care of us self’s, care for our WELLNESS ‑eat healthy, care for our bod­ies, mind and soul.


Well­ness is an active process of becom­ing aware of and mak­ing choic­es toward a healthy and ful­fill­ing life. Orange Well­ness is much more than mere­ly phys­i­cal health, exer­cise or nutri­tion. It is the full inte­gra­tion of states of phys­i­cal, men­tal, and spir­i­tu­al well-being. Each of these sev­en dimen­sions act and inter­act in a way that con­tributes to our own qual­i­ty of life.

  • .Social Well­ness is the abil­i­ty to relate to and con­nect with oth­er peo­ple in our world. Our abil­i­ty to estab­lish and main­tain pos­i­tive rela­tion­ships with fam­i­ly, friends and co-work­ers con­tributes to our Social Well­ness.
  • .Emo­tion­al Well­ness is the abil­i­ty to under­stand our­selves and cope with the chal­lenges life can bring. The abil­i­ty to acknowl­edge and share feel­ings of anger, fear, sad­ness or stress; hope, love, joy and hap­pi­ness in a pro­duc­tive man­ner con­tributes to our Emo­tion­al Well­ness.
  • .Spir­i­tu­al Well­ness is the abil­i­ty to estab­lish peace and har­mo­ny in our lives. The abil­i­ty to devel­op con­gru­en­cy between val­ues and actions and to real­ize a com­mon pur­pose that binds cre­ation togeth­er con­tributes to our Spir­i­tu­al Well­ness.
  • .Envi­ron­men­tal Well­ness is the abil­i­ty to rec­og­nize our own respon­si­bil­i­ty for the qual­i­ty of the air, the water and the land that sur­rounds us. The abil­i­ty to make a pos­i­tive impact on the qual­i­ty of our envi­ron­ment, be it our homes, our com­mu­ni­ties or our plan­et con­tributes to our Envi­ron­men­tal Well­ness.
  • .Occu­pa­tion­al Well­ness is the abil­i­ty to get per­son­al ful­fill­ment from our jobs or our cho­sen career fields while still main­tain­ing bal­ance in our lives. Our desire to con­tribute in our careers to make a pos­i­tive impact on the orga­ni­za­tions we work in and to soci­ety as a whole leads to Occu­pa­tion­al Well­ness.
  • .Intel­lec­tu­al Well­ness is the abil­i­ty to open our minds to new ideas and expe­ri­ences that can be applied to per­son­al deci­sions, group inter­ac­tion and com­mu­ni­ty bet­ter­ment. The desire to learn new con­cepts, improve skills and seek chal­lenges in pur­suit of life­long learn­ing con­tributes to our Intel­lec­tu­al Well­ness.
  • .Phys­i­cal Well­ness is the abil­i­ty to main­tain a healthy qual­i­ty of life that allows us to get through our dai­ly activ­i­ties with­out undue fatigue or phys­i­cal stress. The abil­i­ty to rec­og­nize that our behav­iors have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on our well­ness and adopt­ing health­ful habits (rou­tine check ups, a bal­anced diet, exer­cise, etc.) while avoid­ing destruc­tive habits (tobac­co, drugs, alco­hol, etc.) will lead to opti­mal Phys­i­cal Well­ness.