From Relation-SHITS towards Relation-SHIPS

This simple manta will support you and your beloved ones from “Relation-SHITS” towards “Relation-SHIPS”.

I just read an arti­cle about our sup­pressed sides try to coun­ter­bal­ance them self by attract­ing “the wrong part­ner”, see:

Until we embrace, devel­op and love al aspects of our self, will we uncon­scious­ly attract and be attract­ed to our oppo­sites. This is the eter­nal dance of Shi­va & Sha­ki, (also known as YIN & YANG).

Are you tired of too many oppo­sites? ‑tear­ing in dif­fer­ent direc­tions cre­at­ing conflicts,stress, dra­ma and vio­lence, and want to live in a con­struc­tive bal­ance?

->Then embrace, devel­op and love al aspects of our self –even the less want­ed, less accept­ed qual­i­ties in your self.

Two clas­sic quotes says:

The more judg­ment,

the small­er the change “, and

Only by accept­ing your­self,

as you are, you can change you.”

[Fritz Pearls].

Al changes always begins with our­selves.

 Eso­teric philoso­phies say’s that we humans con­tains every­thing pos­si­ble, as the uni­verse as the human being, also said as we arethe “micro­cos­mos” of the “macro­cos­mos”. Every­thing is inside of us, and our con­text deter­mi­nate what we devel­op, and what we sup­press. The famous psy­chol­o­gist Karl Gus­tav Jung (Freud’s stu­dent) coined the term “shad­ow sides” witch mean our less want­ed sides, unac­cept­ed sided, unde­vel­oped sides or sup­pressed sides of our being. The thing is.… ->sides of our self we do not accept, reject or sup­press, starts show­ing up every­where around us, and that is very annoy­ing…  it’s so annoy­ing for us humans that is starts split­ting, con­flicts even holo­causts as the Jew­ish holo­caust in Ger­many dur­ing sec­ond world war, an oth­er exam­ple is women per­ceived as witch­es and burned to death dur­ing Europe’s medieval. This is extreme con­di­tions of pro­jec­tions where com­mu­ni­ties project their own unac­cept­able sides (shad­ows) up on a spe­cif­ic group of peo­ple.

In dai­ly life this syn­drome man­i­fest as mob­bing, freez­ing out indi­vid­u­als, vio­lence, anger,irritation, and much more split­ting mech­a­nisms.

 The best way to find out of your less want­ed, less accept­ed sides is to observe your self when you get irri­tat­ed or annoyed of oth­ers, what to they rep­re­sent? Exact­ly what they rep­re­sent is what you don’t accept about your self. Maybe you are irri­tat­ed by a DRAMA QUEEN, well prob­a­bly you (or me) deny our inner DRAMA QUEEN… our work is to love and embrace our inner DRAMA QUEEN, and when she feels loved and accept­ed…. I promise you that there will no longer be any oth­er DRAMA QUEENS, there will be just QUEENS ;).

One way to inte­grate your less want­ed qual­i­ties is to repeat the mantra:

 “I could also be an DRAMA QUEEN, and sooo what!!!”

Nature and the whole man­i­fes­ta­tion are always seek­ing bal­ance, hemo­sta­sis. When we are to much at one side of the pan-bal­ance,

the oppo­site will kick in to try to bal­ance us. Exam­ple if I try to be extreme­ly sweet,kind, soft, friend­ly and help­ful I will auto­mat­i­cal­ly attract the oppo­site witch could be an angry, igno­rant, unfriend­ly part­ner. In the begin­ning prob­a­bly I would feel strong attrac­tion, but when the time comes by I will prob­a­bly get annoyed and irri­tat­ed on his anger and igno­rance.

This episode will con­tin­ue and repeat it self in a pat­tern until I accept and embrace my own anger and igno­rance.

So only by accept­ing my self and al that I con­tain can I break this pat­tern. Even devel­op sides I did not know that I had, because they been sup­pressed since my child­hood.

I encour­age al of you to look into what annoy and irri­tate you about the oth­ers, this is

A WOUNDERFUL TOOL OF SELF DEVELOPMENT, AND CLAIRITY. This tool will give you so many gifts.

 Good luck with your self-love and accep­tance, and the path of accept­ing oth­ers for what they are.

 This is a con­tin­ues work, and there is not such thing as: “I already inte­grat­ed al my less want­ed sides…” and I accept and love my self and oth­ers ful­ly…Though we become bet­ter and bet­ter, and quick­er and quick­er to see through this pat­tern.

Still when we are under stress, press, are tired or in new sit­u­a­tions ‑this psy­cho­log­i­cal defense mech­a­nism will auto­mat­i­cal­ly kick in and too often we belive it’s the truth. But it’s not, it’s the trick of our mind and sim­ple splitting’s and pro­jec­tions.

So for the peace inside of our self’s, our family’s, our work, our neigh­bor­hood, plan­et earth…

Find “THE ONE WORD” in the form of an adjec­tive, con­tain­ing what upset you, and insert it in the dot­ted line below and the repeat the mantra:

I could also be a…….…….., and sooo what?”

 This will light­en­ing up the mood, make you more inte­grat­ed with your self and make you more bal­anced, the good news is that this action will not only bal­ance you but also your rela­tion­ships and the peo­ple they annoys you, because he or she dosen’t have to bal­ance your sur­pressed sides any more.

 This sim­ple man­ta will sup­port you and your beloved ones from “Relation-SHITS”towards “Rela­tion-SHIPS”. 

 To love and accept our self’s and the oth­ers for al that we con­tains is not the same as hav­ing no bound­aries or not able to set lim­its: It is like this trough love and able­ness to set lim­i­ta­tions do both we the world trans­form. It is pos­si­ble and we can set lim­i­ta­tions with out judg­ing!!!

 Thank you: Anne-Grethe Hav Her­mansen, Karl Gus­tav Jung, Deep­ak Chopra and Deb­bi Ford, Jacque­line Longstaff guid­ing me towards this insights.

 Author; AnnaPihlgren, Decem­ber 2013