From Relation-SHITS towards Relation-SHIPS

This simple manta will support you and your beloved ones from “Relation-SHITS” towards “Relation-SHIPS”.

I just read an article about our suppressed sides try to counterbalance them self by attracting “the wrong partner”, see:

Until we embrace, develop and love al aspects of our self, will we unconsciously attract and be attracted to our opposites. This is the eternal dance of Shiva & Shaki, (also known as YIN & YANG).

Are you tired of too many opposites? -tearing in different directions creating conflicts,stress, drama and violence, and want to live in a constructive balance?

->Then embrace, develop and love al aspects of our self –even the less wanted, less accepted qualities in your self.

Two classic quotes says:

“The more judgment,

the smaller the change “, and

“Only by accepting yourself,

as you are, you can change you.”

[Fritz Pearls].

Al changes always begins with ourselves.

 Esoteric philosophies say’s that we humans contains everything possible, as the universe as the human being, also said as we arethe “microcosmos” of the “macrocosmos”. Everything is inside of us, and our context determinate what we develop, and what we suppress. The famous psychologist Karl Gustav Jung (Freud’s student) coined the term “shadow sides” witch mean our less wanted sides, unaccepted sided, undeveloped sides or suppressed sides of our being. The thing is…. ->sides of our self we do not accept, reject or suppress, starts showing up everywhere around us, and that is very annoying…  it’s so annoying for us humans that is starts splitting, conflicts even holocausts as the Jewish holocaust in Germany during second world war, an other example is women perceived as witches and burned to death during Europe’s medieval. This is extreme conditions of projections where communities project their own unacceptable sides (shadows) up on a specific group of people.

In daily life this syndrome manifest as mobbing, freezing out individuals, violence, anger,irritation, and much more splitting mechanisms.

 The best way to find out of your less wanted, less accepted sides is to observe your self when you get irritated or annoyed of others, what to they represent? Exactly what they represent is what you don’t accept about your self. Maybe you are irritated by a DRAMA QUEEN, well probably you (or me) deny our inner DRAMA QUEEN… our work is to love and embrace our inner DRAMA QUEEN, and when she feels loved and accepted…. I promise you that there will no longer be any other DRAMA QUEENS, there will be just QUEENS ;).

One way to integrate your less wanted qualities is to repeat the mantra:

 “I could also be an DRAMA QUEEN, and sooo what!!!”

Nature and the whole manifestation are always seeking balance, hemostasis. When we are to much at one side of the pan-balance,

the opposite will kick in to try to balance us. Example if I try to be extremely sweet,kind, soft, friendly and helpful I will automatically attract the opposite witch could be an angry, ignorant, unfriendly partner. In the beginning probably I would feel strong attraction, but when the time comes by I will probably get annoyed and irritated on his anger and ignorance.

This episode will continue and repeat it self in a pattern until I accept and embrace my own anger and ignorance.

So only by accepting my self and al that I contain can I break this pattern. Even develop sides I did not know that I had, because they been suppressed since my childhood.

I encourage al of you to look into what annoy and irritate you about the others, this is

A WOUNDERFUL TOOL OF SELF DEVELOPMENT, AND CLAIRITY. This tool will give you so many gifts.

 Good luck with your self-love and acceptance, and the path of accepting others for what they are.

 This is a continues work, and there is not such thing as: “I already integrated al my less wanted sides…” and I accept and love my self and others fully…Though we become better and better, and quicker and quicker to see through this pattern.

Still when we are under stress, press, are tired or in new situations -this psychological defense mechanism will automatically kick in and too often we belive it’s the truth. But it’s not, it’s the trick of our mind and simple splitting’s and projections.

So for the peace inside of our self’s, our family’s, our work, our neighborhood, planet earth…

Find “THE ONE WORD” in the form of an adjective, containing what upset you, and insert it in the dotted line below and the repeat the mantra:

“I could also be a……….….., and sooo what?”

 This will lightening up the mood, make you more integrated with your self and make you more balanced, the good news is that this action will not only balance you but also your relationships and the people they annoys you, because he or she dosen’t have to balance your surpressed sides any more.

 This simple manta will support you and your beloved ones from “Relation-SHITS”towards “Relation-SHIPS”. 

 To love and accept our self’s and the others for al that we contains is not the same as having no boundaries or not able to set limits: It is like this trough love and ableness to set limitations do both we the world transform. It is possible and we can set limitations with out judging!!!

 Thank you: Anne-Grethe Hav Hermansen, Karl Gustav Jung, Deepak Chopra and Debbi Ford, Jacqueline Longstaff guiding me towards this insights.

 Author; AnnaPihlgren, December 2013