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Sev­er­al Win­dows lap­tops come equipped with cd-burn­ing appli­ca­tion and a CD burn­er which allow you burn and to build knowl­edge CDs and sound. An Audio — CD cans burn to devel­op a mix CD to share with friends or to make clones of the favorite songs. Or data CDs can burn to cre­ate a back­up of files and cru­cial files. You may con­sid­er pur­chas­ing an out­er cd-dri­ve /burner that can be linked to your lap­top in case your lap­top does­n’t come equipped with an inter­nal CD burn­er. Things You’ll Need CD burn­er dri­ve Clear CD‑R CD-RW or disc Win­dows Medi­aplay­er Avail­able Win­dows Medi­aplay­er by hit­ting “Start,” select­ing “All Plans” and choos­ing “Win­dows Media Play­er.” Find the “Burn” tab towards the top of Win­dows Media Play­er. Con­tin­ue read­ing